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Outpatient Service

Most people when diagnosed with diabetes never receive education about how to manage this costly and debilitating disease. Yet, diabetes is one of the leading cause of death in Bangladesh and it is a leading cause of adult blindness, lower-limb amputation, kidney disease and nerve damage in Bangladesh.

The focus of Sylhet Diabetic Hospital’s effort through its outpatients service is to educate people the best possible ways of controlling diabetes, avoidance of hypoglycemia, prevention of cardiovascular complications associated with diabetes, treatment of hypertension, treatment of elevated cholesterol and lipids, and prevention and treatment of other complications of diabetes including eye disease, kidney dysfunction, and neuropathies. Counseling of new patients are being done by the Dietitian, Nutritionist, Nurses and the Doctors.

Some of the issues the awareness program addresses:

-  Basic physiology of diabetes
-  How to monitor blood sugar;
-  Proper use of medications;
-  Meal planning; - Activities;
-  Developing a healthy lifestyle;
-  When to call your doctor

Because diabetes is a chronic disease, adopting a healthy lifestyle is the key to good health. The diabetes education program coordinators offer many resources to people with diabetes and their families and are trained specifically to help patients learn to live with the disease.

Topical Wound Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for treating diabetic foot and dental procedures are offered as outpatient service to the patients.