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Who we are

Sylhet Diabetic Hospital is a non- profit hospital established by the Sylhet Diabetic Association, under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1960 and registered with the Department of Social Welfare, registration number 126/87, dated 26.12.1987. The Sylhet Diabetic Association is affiliated Bangladesh Diabetic Association, which is a member of the World Diabetic Association. Activities of Sylhet Diabetic Association inaugurated in 1985 by the pioneer of Diabetic treatment in Bangladesh, renowned doctor and former National Professor late Dr. Md. Ibrahim. The construction work of the Phase-I of the Sylhet Diabetic Hospital had started in 1993 and completed in 1997 with the financial assistance from the donors the Ministry of Social Welfare. The Outdoor and Indoor sections of the hospital went into service from 2001.

The Population of Sylhet is around 20-million of which about 1-million are diabetic patient. The Sylhet Diabetic Hospital is the only one in the area providing specialized diabetic care and conducting diabetes preventive awareness programs and health camps for the people of Sylhet. The existing five-storied hospital has 100 inpatient beds. On an average, daily outpatients have around 400 treatments. To date hospital has provided inpatient and outpatient service to around 77,000 diabetic patients and the figure is climbing every month. It has 1 Superintendent, 7 Consultants, 9 Medical Officers, 28 Nurses and 100 Support Staff. Also has Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Nephrology and Dental Unit. A Pathology Laboratory, Radiology Department, Ultrasonography Department make the core diagnostic center for the Hospital’s Patients.

Considering the growing demand of the patients, hospital has undertaken an initiative to build a new wing (Phase-II) adjacent to its current hospital on its own land. The new wing Phase-II will have around 150,000 SQFT usable area, of which 110,000 SQFT will be dedicated for Hospital and 40,000 SQFT will be dedicated for Nursing Institute. The hospital floors will be comprised with an ICU, Foot Care Unit, Gastroenterology Unit, Neurology Unit, ENT Unit, OT, Patient Ward and Cabin.