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Inpatient Service

The newly established Specialized treatment facilities for Gynecology and Obstetrics Care, Ophthalmology Care, Kidney Dialysis, Foot Care and Heart Disease are available for both the diabetic and non-diabetic patients. All kinds of diabetic related surgeries, i.e. Diabetic foot, Gangrenous infection, and non-diabetic General surgery are available through multiple Operation Theater. Phaco Surgery for removing the cataract is available through the Ophthalmology Department. 

Hyperbaric Machine

We also address complications that can be linked to diabetes such as: 

  -      Cardiovascular disease;
  -      Kidney disease;
  -      Eye disease;
  -      Nerve damage;
  -      Glucose intolerance related to organ transplant anti-rejection drugs.

Our mission is to provide information and support to patients who are being treated at Sylhet Diabetic Hospital to help them better manage their diabetes and supplement the medical care they receive from their physicians.  Patients in the hospital's foot care clinic, cardiac care unit, eye care unit, and nephrology unit receive round the clock care and benefit specifically from the diabetes education program.